Individual Psychotherapy For Adults

“When we know the art of how to suffer, we suffer much less… Only by facing our suffering can we find the way out. The path to well being”
Thich Naht Hanh

Why Do We Suffer?

It has been said that “pain is inevitable”.There is not a single reason why we suffer. We can encounter challenges at any stage in our lives. For many, adverse childhood experiences and especially those related to attachment pose significant problems that follow people into their adulthood affecting many areas of their lives including: relationships, career choice, anxiety, depression, addictions, self-esteem and other areas. Trauma, loss through death, disability, illness, are only a few of the challenges that can befall us as we go through life. How we deal with the challenges we encounter is dependent on many individual factors and life experiences. Some people bounce back, some struggle to bounce back, and some do not.

Individualized services

It is because of these individual differences that I offer an approach that customizes your therapy based on your unique individual needs. Approaches that offer generalized and prescriptive strategies lead to a high relapse rate because they do not take individual differences into consideration.

What we do know is that it is possible to bounce back even in the face of great adversity. One of the challenges that poses the most difficulty in bouncing back is giving up. However, if we give ourselves a chance, we have the capacity to overcome adversity at any age.
Give yourself a chance, seek help, and contact me.