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How I am Different

In a world full of “how to’s” – simple cookie cutter solutions to complex psychological problems I am different because I am dedicated to providing you with an individualized and customized plan for your unique needs.
I am not interested in prescribing you the latest fad or hyped “how I overcame depression in 5 days”. I am also not interested in being just another therapist where you learn the same old generic advice of “build social connections (your problems may be preventing you from building social connections to begin with), exercise, eat a healthy diet, and get out in nature”.
I am committed to providing you with evidence-based strategies that not only provide relief in the short-term but also provide lasting change and prevent relapses.
In mental health there is an over-focus on diagnosis rather than the person. Often, professionals treat the diagnosis but not the person. However, diagnosis does not tell us anything about you as a person or what is causing your problems. Diagnosis therefore is a tool and not a solution. I work with you and not your diagnosis.
I have dedicated the last 14 years to helping people overcome psychological problems that hold them back in life.

I have devoted the last 8 years to studying and understanding the role of anxiety/stress in psychological problems. Anxiety is almost universally misunderstood. Yet, anxiety has a very important intersection with many of the psychological difficulties people experience and for which they seek psychotherapy. Anxiety may be influencing your decisions in ways you are not aware of.
For the past 8 years I have worked with and have maintained ongoing clinical supervised by some of the top psychotherapists in the field. This is unlike most therapists who stop supervision once they get licensed. Yet, ongoing clinical supervision is critical in maintaining psychotherapy skills and eliminating psychotherapists’ blind spots.

I am an avid reader who works very hard to stay on top of the current developments in psychotherapy.
I hold a Bachelors of Arts in Education and a Masters Degree in Counseling. I also hold certifications in Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) from The Washington School of Psychiatry and ISTDP Institute, both in Washington, DC. This is post license professional training.
In 2021, I was invited to join the faculty at The Washington School of Psychiatry, as an instructor in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy Program (ISTDP), program. In this role, I instruct licensed and practicing professional psychotherapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

About Anne Kamau, LPC

Helping You Live An Anxiety Free Life

Did you know that anxiety is a commonly used term, yet one that is almost universally misunderstood? Did you know that many conditions, e.g., depression, trauma, low-self-esteem, addictions or problematic use of mood-altering substances, emotional eating, toxic / unhealthy romantic relationships, and other difficulties, have an intersection with anxiety? Did you know that anxiety may be influencing your decision making in ways that you may not be aware of?

I help people gain control over their anxiety so that they can be in charge of their lives instead of having anxiety run their lives and decisions.

I do this by helping my clients learn skills and strategies to better manage their anxiety and I also help them resolve their anxiety so that they live an anxiety free life.

My other areas of focus include, depression, low self-esteem, relationship problems (co-dependency), addictions, and trauma.

I believe in the uniqueness of each individual client so I customize my interventions to meet your unique needs. I use interventions that focus both on the conscious and unconscious drivers of behaviors which ensures relief within a short of period of time, addresses the root cause of the problem, and helps prevent relapse. The role of the unconscious as a driver of behavior heavier continues to gain lots of traction in psychology.

I have been a mental health practitioner for over a decade. I have worked with a very diverse clientele. My client list includes people with serious and persistent mental illness, addictions, significant trauma, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship problems, and “normal” life problems.

In 2021, I was invited to join the Washington School of Psychiatry, Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy Program (ISTDP).

In this role, I instruct / provide clinical supervision to licensed and practicing professional therapists and psychiatrists.

My approach is transtheoretical but is mostly drawn from Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) which has been proven to lead to rapid results and lasting change.

I have been very fortunate to have been instructed, supervised, and mentored by some of the top therapists in the field – both in the US and internationally. I am also very fortunate to have the opportunity to teach with some of them.